NYC Primary Season “Rolling” Into The Home Stretch

Candidates, Moderator and Rolling Forward Politically Able Founding Members

Top Left: Vanessa Gibson, BronxTalk Host Gary Axelbank, Dr. Bola Omotosho, Pedro Alvarez
Bottom Left Rolling Forward Politically Able Members: John Reynolds, Ronn Jordan, Lollie Singleton, Earl White

You never forget your first, and I will always remember the first event that Rolling Forward Politically Able (RFPA) organized as a huge success, the NY City Council 16th District Candidates Forum on August 7, 2013 at Daughter’s of Jacob Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center (DoJ). Unbeknownst to me the NYC Campaign Finance Board was denying Public Matching Funds on some of the candidates for the 16th District, so only three of the confirmed participants were able to attend. The attendees vying for the open Council seat were Pedro Alvarez, NYS Assemblymember Vanessa Gibson (who arrived late due to a scheduling mix up) and Dr. Bola Omotosho.

The candidates answered questions from the DoJ Residents Council and members of RFPA on access to Senior Services, Affordable Housing, Safe Streets and the Rights of the Disabled. The Forum was masterfully Moderated by the Host of BronxTalk Gary Axelbank, who will be hosting these same candidates in a Live Debate on his show Monday August 12, 2013 at 9:00 PM. Each of the candidates made a compelling case for why the packed room of voters should choose them to represent the 16th Council District. There are 193 registered Democrats residing at DoJ who could potentially decide who wins this race. Rolling Forward Politically Able will announce who they are supporting sometime next week.

I am so frustrated that the NYC Mayoral race has been obliterated by “Weiner-Gate”. While it may be very lucrative for comedians, the people of  New York City are being pushed aside once again. Instead of asking questions about affordable housing, education, income disparity and the lack of living wage jobs, the media won’t move away from Anthony’s “weiner”.  According to polls Weiner is seen as a pariah and obviously won’t get past September 10th, his deluded ego is the only thing keeping him in this race.  I’m looking forward to the first televised debate on August 13th on our local ABC station.

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